The Sustainable Computing Lab; Version 2020

Soheil Human and Ben Wagner, May 2020

After 4 years of successful work, last months we became involved in an internal discussion to find new ways to improve our internal processes, increase our academic and societal impact, provide a better enabling space for our members, and expand our network of partners. After several rounds of digital and in-person discussions, the lab has exciting news:

The Lab has a new name

From now on, the lab is not anymore called “Privacy and Sustainable Computing Lab” but:

The “Sustainable Computing Lab“!

The Lab has a new logo

Sustainable Computing Lab

The Lab has a new website

Our new url is:

The new website is designed and implemented by:
Soheil Hosseini
Hooman Habibinia

Leadership Transition

Florian CechSoheil Human, Matthias C. Kettemann, and Eliška Pírková have joined Sabrina Kirrane, Axel Polleres, and Ben Wagner in the management board. Sarah Spiekermann has left the management board and taking a new role as a member of the advisory board.

Here is our new management board:

Soheil Human and Ben Wagner are now both Directors of the Sustainable Computing Lab.

Sustainable Computing Lab

New Research and Working Groups

The Sustainable Computing Lab is highly interdisciplinary and people from different disciplines work together in our projects. In order to provide interdisciplinary enabling spaces for people with shared interests, the lab will consist of a set of research and working groups. Our research groups are more involved in publicly funded research projects and our working groups are mainly focused on community building. Here is a list of our research and working groups: